Wall and Floor Tiling-TAS


Tasmania (TAS)

In Tasmania, the Department of Justice issues trade licences. You need to have a Builder’s Licence for Wall and Floor Tiling work

Types of Licences

The Builder’s Licence is divided into 3 classes:

    1. Builder (General Construction): With this licence, you are allowed to manage or carry out construction, demolition, alteration, addition, relocation or repair of any building or structure.
    2. Fire Protection Services Builder: With this type, you can manage or carry out fire protection services work in a building.
    3. Demolisher: With this, you can manage or carry out demolition of existing buildings, structures and building work. A demolisher cannot perform any new building work.

Each class of licensed builder is further divided into sub-classes of Low Rise, Medium Rise and Open. The General Construction class also has a sub-class of Domestic. These sub-classes determine the scope of work of licensees.


    1. Identification Documents
    2. Digital copies of Certificates and Transcripts of your qualifications.
    3. Evidence of Contract Works insurance 
    4. A digital copy of your Statement of Experience. This should be in a summary form completed by the applicant and include:
      1. A list of projects you have worked on
      2. Dates
      3. Project size in square meters
      4. Number of stories
      5. Your role and a third party’s contact details for verification
    5. A digital copy of two Referee Statementsverifying your experience and competency in the class of work you have applied for
    6. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview at the nearest Consumer, Building and Occupational Services office if requested to do so as part of the application process.  Failure to attend as requested may be considered non-compliance with the application process and may cause an application to be refused.
    7. Payment of applicable fees

If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation within 21 days.

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