Graduates from which Australian Universities enjoy the highest starting salaries

Australia owns some of the world’s top Universities and is well-known for its high quality of Education. But, which Australian Universities produce graduates who enjoy the highest starting salaries?
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According to the Good Universities Guide 2019-20, the top spot goes to graduates from the Charles Darwin
University and the University of Southern Queensland, with for both a starting salary of $AUD 65 200 per
As per the 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey, it is $AUD 4 200 more than last year and this is also the third
the consecutive year that the University of Southern Queensland has achieved the highest starting salary in
These universities give priority to high-quality education and making their students ‘’job-ready’’ and this is
demonstrated by the hiring results: 83% of Charles Darwin University graduates were employed in fulltime
jobs after graduation!
Top 10 Universities producing Australia’s richest graduate:
top universities
Universities in Australia emphasize the importance of their future students in the Australian Economy. They
are the future of this booming country.

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