Happy Valentine’s Day ( De Facto Relationship & Partner Visa Special )

Australia is a wonderful place. A haven, just blooming with tourism! Some people wish to stay longer than others and they might also wish to gain Australian permanent residency. To travel to Australia and continue living here, you will need a visa at all times. There are several different Visas to apply for. And we are going to take a look at Partner Visa while also looking at De Facto Relationship and what it involves.
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De Facto Relationship

De Facto Relationship in Australia refers to a committed relationship between a couple living together. It is a requirement that must be met when applying for a Partner Visa. To be considered to be in a De Facto Relationship, you must prove that you are in a committed relationship for at least a year prior to the application. You will also need to provide evidence to prove that you have been in a relationship for a year.

There are numerous ways to prove that you are in a De Facto relationship, which can include the following factors:

  • Evidence showing living together under the same roof.
  • Where you met and how your relationship developed over time.
  • Evidence showing how you support each other financially, physically and emotionally.
  • Evidence such as common friends, telephone and mobile accounts to show both parties maintained in
    contact with each other.
  • Joint bank accounts.
  • Ownership of items (e.g. car, house etc) under joint names.
  • Various other future plans together.

There are some extreme circumstances in which you can be exempted from the one-year requirement. When proving to be in a De Facto relationship. Such as an involvement of a child in the relationship, holder or partner to a holder of a humanitarian Visa or registering your relationship under Acts interpretation regulations 2008. These factors combined can determine the decision made by the government officials on whether you are in a De facto Relationship.

Partner Visa

Partner visa is a visa that will grant you Permanent Residency here in Australia. To be eligible for a Partner Visa, the applicant must be married or be in a De Facto relationship with an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. The process for applying for a Partner Visa comes in two stages. The first stage involves applying for a permanent and temporary Visa at the same time which costs quite a bit (around $7000). If you are successful in the first stage, you will be granted with a temporary Visa. This temporary Visa allows you to stay in Australia until a decision is made.

After being granted a temporary Visa to stay in Australia, the second stage occurs which involves being assessed for the partner Visa after two years of your lodged application. Further Documents must also be given for the finalization of your permanent Visa. It is also possible to be granted permanent residency right after being given a temporary Visa if you can prove that you have a long-term relationship with your partner. A long term relationship is explained as a relationship between you and your partner for more than three years. Long term relationships are also considered as a relationship between you and your partner for more than two and have a dependent child.

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Australian Government Site for Partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801)

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