Best Jobs in Australia Without a Degree

Do you know a skilled person can do one of the best jobs in Australia without a degree? For decades our belief was without having a specific university degree, one can not do a decent job! So people may have doubts about the possibility of doing the best jobs in Australia without a degree or not!! This post will cover the best jobs in Australia and the average salary, primary duties, and career choices.

Find a suitable job that requires only experience 

HR Department ($1,30,000 to $1,50,000/yearly)

The HR Department’s main responsibility is to select employees, ensure compliance, maintain employment regulations, oversee them, and motivate company progress. People know them as recruitment managers responsible for creating job vacancies, advertising, arranging interviews, etc. After selecting the employees, they need to provide them with formal training and help them grow their skills. They are crucial in communication skills, relationships with employees and the company. Their lowest salary is 70,000 AUD to 80,000 AUD, and the average salary starts from 1,30,000 AUD. The salary can be increased for those who have practical experience.

Construction Manager ($1,60,000 to $1,80,000/yearly)

A construction manager should have some qualifications and experience. People with a strong track record of successfully managing construction projects and leadership skills can earn a lot in this field. Their average annual salary ranges from 1,60,000 Aud to 1,80,000 Aud. 

Underground Miner ($‎1,05,000 to $1,39,500/yearly)

Australia is prominent for mineral resources; it plays a massive role. You should be an underground miner if you want a thriving and exciting career. Their main responsibility is operating machinery, transporting materials, drilling holes, etc. It would be best if you coped with different harsh environments. You may need some training and additional certificates like underground machinery training for this job. Sometimes you can get a job at night and earn a lot. Salaries may vary on a few factors like experience, location, technical skills, company position, etc. The annual salary for this job starts from 1,05,000 AUD annually, and those with relevant experience make it 2,00,000 AUD annually.

Senior Care Worker/ Aged Care Support ($55,370 to $85,000/yearly)

Australian care organizations often need a senior care worker for their team support. Their main responsibility is to assist seniors who need hands for their daily activities. Senior care workers often call themselves safety advisers, and they promote healthy, life-like hygiene routines to ensure safety. If one has work experience and knowledge about healthy lifestyles like dressing, bathing, eating, bathing, etc. can get preference. In this job, the most crucial thing is to support senior people emotionally and be good friends. Maintaining a good relationship and respect is an important role. However, their average salary is 55,370 to 85,000 AUD annually, and experienced and Certified ones can earn more than 1,27,564 AUD annually.

Content/Article Writing ($1,00,500 to $1,17,000/yearly) 

In Australia, Content or Article writing is rewarding for many industries and companies. Many renowned companies look for extensive experience employers interested in Blog posts, review articles, informative articles, etc. To be a content writer, you must achieve strong skills in Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and creating unique content. You can get audiences if you are good enough at writing about health, travel, and sport. Many article writers start their career choices by freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, or other social media platforms and creating portfolios to engage people. Of Course, a content or article writer needs to update his skills with industry needs, which can lead to success in Freelancing.

Page Moderator ($65,000 to $‎94,000/yearly)

You can work as a page moderator or social media manager if you have skills like a customer support executive. The primary role is to manage online platforms and respond to queries. You may need to upload the photo or status to engage the audience with the page. You are responsible for attending the calls, and complaints with good behaviour, monitoring the user comments, and posts, identifying the vulgar, and taking action. Moreover, it is crucial to maintain the Australian Law and Regulations. You can find it on social media and do it remotely. The average salary of a page moderator or social media manager is more than 94,000 AUD per year in Australia. You can earn more than 65,000 AUD hourly, depending on your work hours. Many people do it for 12 hours and earn a lot.

Web Developer ($‎85,000 to $1,05,000/yearly)

A web developer is a software programmer who develops, creates, and maintains websites and boosts the website’s speed and performance. His other role is to create content and make traffic for the site. Demand for Web Developers and software developers in Australia is sky-high. Their average salary is 85,000 Aud from 1,05,000 Aud. (*Source: seek)

Dental Nurses ($‎55,000 to $65,000/yearly)

Dental nurses are in great demand in Australia. A dental practitioner by himself can get his assistant trained. People interested in healthcare services can start their careers with this highest-paying job. Dental Nurses or Assistants do not need any degree but better to complete a Certificate III and IV, and It’s not a big deal. The Course is necessary for skills in X-ray, oral hygiene, etc. As the demand for dental services is increasing day by day, it is estimated that their salary will be high soon.

Healthy and Safety Manager ($150,000 to $1,70,000/yearly)

Without the time and financial investment of a degree, one with good observance and judgement can work as a Healthy and Safety Manager, one of Australia’s highest-paying jobs. Otherwise, a week-long training, for example, a food place, delicatessen, restaurant, and hotel, is available by the authority concerned.

Plumber ($70,000 to $90,000/yearly) 

The plumber’s main responsibility is installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems in Building Projects, factories, companies, industries, etc. A plumber associate degree is not required, but you must obtain a licence and certificate. People with job experience in this field have an average salary of 78,000 Aud to 93,548 Aud.

Hospitality Service ($80,000 to $90,000/yearly)

Hospitality service can be a great career for people interested in hospitality or management and organizational skills and who love to organize with people. Their main duty is to maintain the staff in restaurants, hotels, etc.; sometimes, they provide job training to improve their soft skills. They can be in entry-level positions like front desk managers. With practical experience, they will get their position and create their successful career pathway.

Ethical Hacker ($1,10,000 to $1,30,000/yearly)

In Australia, people know ethical hackers who are professional and can solve computer systems and complications. They are also known as white hat ethical hackers because they are authorized hackers who hack for security purposes. For ethical Hacking, they need to use tools, techniques, and methods. Their role is formally training employees, providing technical knowledge about security, educating them on programming languages, making them practice identifying virus attacks, password setup, etc. An ethical hacker can start their annual earnings from 44,900 AUD, with an average earning of 1,10,000 AUD, and a professional hacker can earn 1,30,000 AUD.

Marketing Manager ($1,00,000 to $1,20,000/yearly) 

Many companies in Australia hire marketing managers who can work both online and offline. Marketing managers need strategies to promote their services on social media. They make leads, sales, and brand awareness and are also responsible for researching and analyzing competitors, target filling, identifying new marketing proposals, Seo, etc. Marketing managers oversee the brand management and brand position and maintain the guidelines. People can call them Digital Managers because they do media, email, online analytics, etc.

Sales Representative ($65,000 to $85,000/yearly)

A sales Representative may not require any degree; they just need to be polite, target oriented, and practical. Many companies focus on only sales skills, not any degree. A sales representative role is to update sheets, make calls for sales to potential clients, and sometimes need to go outside for sales. For this job, a licence and completing a certification course is crucial.


Which job is highly paid in Australia without a degree?

Project Managers and construction managers with experience in relevant sectors can be highly paid in Australia. In this sector, they need to have certificates for their job promotion. 

What is the least stressful job that pays well? 

Sales Representatives, Dental nurses, and Page moderators are low-stress jobs that pay well, and people can find these jobs easily.

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