407 Visa to PR

407 Visa (Training Visa) allows you to stay and work for an Australia employer on a temporary basis whilst undertaking on-the-job training
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What is Training Visa Subclass 407?

The Training and Research (subclass 407) Visa allows you to stay and work for an Australia employer on a temporary basis whilst undertaking on-the-job training. The 407 visa is granted for a period between 6 months and 2 years. Once your 407 visa expires, you are eligible to apply for another type of visa.

The benefits of the 407 Training visa

The Training Visa makes it possible for you to:

  • Get your skills to enhance to boost your career
  • Apply for both offshore and onshore visas
  • Live for up to 2 years in Australia and finish the training stated in your application
  • Leave Australia and return regularly until the visa is valid.
  • Send the qualifying family members to Australia to accompany you

Family Members to be included in the application for 407 Training Visa

In your application for 407 visa, you should have the following family members:

  • Spouse (married or de facto)
  • Your child or the adult child of your wife (up to 23 years of age)
  • To confirm an alleged family relationship, you must provide proof. You may already include a signed declaration, with your sponsor’s consent to sponsor your family members.
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Eligible Criteria for 407 Training visa

  • Be 18 years of age or over (unless you are exempt)
  • Whether to enroll in a professional development program or in skills training, it should be sponsored by an authorized sponsor
  • If it is not a Commonwealth agency, the Australian organisation will be nominated for an approved occupation.
  • If the sponsor is a Commonwealth agency, they are invited to apply for a visa.
  • Gain job preparation directly from the sponsor, unless there is an exception.
  • Apply for current funding by an approved supporter of teaching and study and professional development
  • Participate only in vocational preparation that satisfies the requirements for one of the categories of qualifications for candidacy.
  • Be able to obtain training to follow occupational health and safety requirements in practical English
  • Must have a real intention of temporarily staying in Australia

How to Apply for 407 Training Visa

You can be in or outside Australia, to apply for the Training (Subclass 407) visa. The application must be submitted online. When submitting the document, you can either be in Australia or abroad. It is possible to include family members (spouses and children) in the application.

Your sponsor / employer would have nominated you to enter an occupational training program in order to be eligible for the visa. Depending on the intent or type of training, the criteria for the nomination vary.

If you are in Australia, you must hold a substantive visa which is not:

  • a permanent visa;
  • a Temporary Work subclass 403 visa (under the International Relations stream) – click here to learn more;
  • a Transit visa subclass 771 – click here to learn more;
  • a Special Purpose visa; or
  • a Temporary visa specified by the Minister in a legislative instrument.

Types of Nomination from the Sponsor

  1. Occupational training required for registration: Provide workplace training in Australia or your home country to acquire occupational registration, membership, licensing to work in an occupation.
  2. Occupational training to enhance skills: This training includes individuals who are nominated for an occupation listed in the list of qualified careers by an approved temporary activity sponsor in Australia, but who need structured workplace-based training to enhance skills for that occupation.
  3. Occupational training for capacity building overseas: This form of training is classified into three classifications:
  4. Overseas Qualification-Training for students now studying in an institution of foreign education
  5. Government Support: training that is funded in Australia or the home country by government departments.
  6. Professional development – Face- to-face teaching in a classroom in Australia

Processing Time for 407 Training Visa

A Visa for Training (Subclass 407)-is processed in around 3 to 4 months. We will be required to lodge your 407 visa if your current visa is due to expire, meaning you can stay in Australia throughout the processing period on a bridging visa.

Condition for Work

  • Condition 8102: The principal claimant shall not participate in work in Australia other than in relation to the course of study or training of the holder.
  • Condition 8104: Secondary candidates cannot be working for a period of more than 40 hours per fortnight whilst the holder is in Australia.

Health and Character Criteria for 407 Training visa

  • You and all of the members of the dependent family are expected to:
  • Undergo medical exams within 12 months of the filing for a visa
  • Obtain police clearance from each nation in the last 10 years (you and family members) have stayed for 12 months or longer.

Financial Requirements

For the length of your stay in Australia, you must have proof of your financial ability to support yourself and the family members accompanying you.

Insurance for Health

The Australian National health insurance system (Medicare) allows you and dependent family members to be insured because your country has a similar health arrangement with Australia. The health insurer can either be in Australia or your home.

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