Computing & Information Technology

Information Technology

Australia's IT services are of high quality, and widely recognised worldwide. In addition, Australia's cost of studying and living is low, and lifestyle protection, cleanliness and efficiency makes it an excellent choice for study.

Why Information Technology?

One of the top reasons to study information technology is the increase in job opportunities, with the Australian Department of Employment predicting that the demand for IT professionals will increase by 12.8% in 2018. Across Australia's state capital cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the biggest growth can be seen. Melbourne is Australia's technology centre and home to more than half of the top 20 tech companies in the country, while Victoria State is home to over 8,000 IT enterprises, including IBM, Microsoft and Intel.

Tuition Fees

For being diverse in faculty and courses, Australian institutes offer very manageable tuition fees in IT and computing. It starts from $5900AUD to $1800AUD for per semester.

Courses available

 Diploma of Information Technology
 Associate Degree in Information Technology
 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
 Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
 Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
 Bachelor of Information Technology
 Master of Information Technology
 Certificate III in Information Technology
 Certificate IV in Information Technology

Opportunities to migrate to Australia

The field of IT/Computing is experiencing rapid growth in Australia. Because skilled migration is linked to Australia’s economic needs, international students who are qualified in engineering are considered a high priority for permanent residency visas. Graduates may choose to take up one of the following migration opportunities:
- stay in Australia after graduating to gain skilled work experience through a post study work visa or a Skilled- Graduate (Temporary) visa.
- gain sponsorship with their employer through the Employer Nomination Scheme or Regional Sponsored Migration
- apply for permanent residency through Australia’s Skill-select skilled migration program

Career pathways

Information technology is an incredibly diverse industry. That means you’re highly likely to be able to take your IT career in any number of directions. Information technology graduates can specialise in many areas, including:
 Computer programming
 Web development
 Engineering and business analysis
 Software engineering
 Information security analysis
 Applications development
 Systems analysis
 Systems design

Expected Salary

The average salary for a Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) in Australia is AU $69,749.00 - AU $79,500.00

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