Benefits Of Obtaining Certificate IV in Building Construction

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is planned for consignors associated with the construction industry who plan to initiate their own business. This course can upskill you in operating a successful construction business through core skills involving estimating, operation, management, and site supervision. 

Building Construction is a prosperous industry worldwide as the world thrives to develop each second, so Qualified Builders are in high demand in Australia. Building Construction is one of the most diligent and functioning industries. It’s always in operation and the requirements of workmanship augment with time. In Australia, the demand for constructors/builders has its own mounting grounds offering high remunerations which can be around $100,000+ per year. From cozy residents to industrial megastructures, building constructions luxuriously expand to flourish the wonderful Land Down Under.

To be a certified Constructor, Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) you can choose two ways:

Whats’s a RPL qualification? Do you have work experience but no academic knowledge in Building Construction? Wait no more to be Certified. To obtain a licence in Certification IV in Building Construction, through RPL from RTO, is required which covers various topics showing your expertise in different tasks in the building and construction industry.

If you do not have related work experience, you can enrol in courses and obtain Diploma in Building Construction. The duration of this course is two years and fees are subject to vary.

The training package includes core units and several qualifications such as legal requirements for building and construction projects, application of structural principles to commercial low-rise constructions, managing occupational health and safety in the building and construction worksites, and many more. This qualification will upgrade your skills and knowledge and qualify you to apply for a Builders’ Licence and develop your skills in planning and constructing buildings.

If anyone is interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge of Building and Construction, can enroll for higher studies such as a Diploma or Graduation program in Building and Construction.

There are several benefits of obtaining Certificate IV in Building Construction such as:

  • It Certifies you
  • Allows you to obtain a Licence
  • More work opportunities
  • Social recognition
  • More specific job opportunities
  • More income
  • Chance to upskill by enrolling in advanced education
  • National recognition and
  • Many more…


Your work experience is a valuable asset and can lead you to be a successful certified builder gaining community acceptance as a member of economic contributors with an improved career perspective. Certified Builders are eligible to obtain a licence and thus can run a business. 

Sounds interesting? Contact us for more information and allow us to assist you.

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