6 Life-Changing Benefits of Moving to Australia as a Skilled Migrant

Are you thinking about Skilled Migration? Has Australia made it to your Choice List? A question can come to mind when considering moving to a developed country. Immigrants from various backgrounds offer fresh talents and ideas, to form businesses and contribute billions of dollars in income tax. As a result, the Australian Economy and the Australian Labour Market rely heavily on Australian Work Visas. The concern is, why should you apply for Australian migration?

Choosing the right country to live in forever can be tough and it gets more difficult if you need to support your family.

So here are 6 benefits to decide to move to Australia as a Skilled Migrant:

  • Unlocking Career Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Are you a skilled worker looking to advance your career in a country with endless opportunities? When you’re seeking outstanding career development opportunities, relocating to Australia is the best choice to make.

If you check the basic salary rate, Australian employers are in a higher position than many other developed countries, such as Canada. Doing an IT job in Australia will pay you more than that in Canada. As a Java Software Engineer, you can earn around CAD 80,000 in Toronto, Canada, and AUD 100,000 in Sydney, Australia. Canada vs Australia PR, Move from US (IT Salary, Culture) – USA

On top of that, as a skilled migration visa holder, you will no longer be counted as an overseas worker, which will certainly help you to get better salaries and career development opportunities. The average annual salaries for some of the top industries in Australia are, Accounting, Administration & Human Resources at $89,518, Architecture & Creative Arts at $87,018, Childcare & Education at $98,789, and Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Social Services at $106,091. Salary in Australia – Average Salary

In Australia, more than 73% of the population, aged 15 to 64, has a paid job. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide are the most economically powerful cities, with numerous career opportunities in fields like technology, medicine, finance, law, mining, engineering, and more. OECD Better Life Index

  • A decision that is Best for your Health

Australia is well-known for its healthcare system and is considered among the best in the world. This is an attractive option for skilled visa holders as it ensures that permanent residents have open access to quality medical care, with the government providing financial support. However, in the USA, they don’t cover the medical expenses for their residents. Compared to Australia, the USA has less accessibility, affordability and satisfactory performance in the healthcare sector. Australian healthcare satisfaction much greater than the US

The majority of Australians have extensive coverage for hospital and medical bills in public healthcare facilities. Most doctor’s appointments are free or come with massive benefits. It covers part or all of the expenses of other health services, such as those offered by general practitioners, medical specialists, physiotherapists, and community nurses, as well as basic children’s dental treatment. Once you have your Medicare card, you can also use the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The PBS is an Australian government initiative that subsidises the cost of medications. The Australian health system | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

  • Be a part of the Top Education System

You may ask what makes Australian Universities so desirable to study in. Australia is well-known for its high-quality international education sector. You have the option of attending either private or public institutions, both of which offer excellent learning experiences with modern technology and provide skilled Researchers, Instructors, Professors and staff.

parents with graduate daughter

When you become a permanent visa holder, you can get access to free education in many public institutions. Even your children can study in government-funded elementary and secondary schools, which are mandatory for students of specific ages. Along with that, you will be paying as a domestic student and get more scholarship opportunities. Unlike an international student, you will be free from huge expenses and save your time from the hassle of student visas.

  • Amazing Lifestyle with Multicultural Communities

Until now maybe you have already heard of the vibrant culture of Australia. Whether it’s food, festivals or sporting events Australia has topped many developed countries.

But if you are looking for a country where you can relax and earn a good amount of money at the same time then Australian migration will have the best positive impact on your life. Australians are renowned for having a relaxed outlook on life. The cosmopolitan community places a high value on work-life balance, which means that everyone has more time to enjoy their lives outside of work. This beautiful country prioritises leisure time with friends and family, and having a good party or gathering plays a major role in life.

Being a skilled migrant can be tough when you have to live on your own. But Australia provides the quality of life that you need to enjoy this freedom and utilise your time. So what does it mean by High Quality of Life according to Australian residents? World-class academic institutions, employment in various industries, comparatively high earnings, great pension benefits, safety, clean air and water, distinctive outdoor activities, and more all contribute to Australia’s high quality of life. Additionally, the Australian economy knows how to reward its hard working residents with substantial benefits. If you decide to retire and are deemed eligible for an Age Pension, you will receive payments to your account every two weeks, as well as discounts and reductions on life and health necessities. So what more do you need for you and your family?

With an open culture, Australian children are exposed to a wide range of cultural influences from across the world as they grow and develop. Australia is also known for its open space where children can play freely and securely. Parks and beaches provide playgrounds and communal grills where families may meet and build connections. Permanent residents are also allowed to various Australian Government-funded family assistance programs. Government parenting payments | Raising Children Network

  • A Haven of Safety and Security

When you think about lifestyle does it only refer to Standard of Living? What about living under one of the best security systems in the world?

In Australia, Federal and state regulations require that no individual be treated unfairly because of their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, as long as you have skills to earn and most importantly respect for others. While it is always vital to be careful wherever you move to a new country, you can be certain that you will be able to live easily and confidently in Australia. Even though Australia has fewer immigrants than the USA, Australia is considered safer and has lower crime rates than the USA and many other developed countries in the world. Is Australia safer than America? – Staying in Australia in 2021 | The Migration

And you can be assured knowing that your hard-earned money is secure. Even in the unusual case of a collapse, the Australian Government bank deposit protects savings held in banks, building societies, and credit unions.

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency

Did you ever think that skilled migration programs might be the easiest way to become a permanent resident in Australia? We have a helpful guide to help you with this process: Matching Your Skills To The Right Australian Visa. Which eventually leads to becoming a citizen of the country and getting access to all services, including the right to vote. In terms of skilled applications, you can apply and take your family with you to Australia. 

If your children are born in Australia, they will get citizenship immediately, even if you don’t have one. This is the perfect opportunity when you don’t want to stay in Australia with a temporary visa but want to settle and build a life there with your family. Permanent residency entitlements

If you want to get access to all these benefits and be a part of Australia’s strong economy then it is better to start learning about the immigration policies. The immigration process might get difficult if you don’t have the proper guidance. A immigration expert can make Your journey smooth and successful with proper guidance.

In that case, We can assist you with expert immigration lawyer assistance so that your skilled visa application process becomes smooth and successful. You can also get Free Consultation from our Immigration expert.

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  • Do you have to be a skilled worker to move to Australia?

Answer: YES! If you wish to move to Australia on the Skilled Migrant Visa, your occupation must be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

  • When’s the best time to move to  Australia?

Answer: Most people who want to get an Australi