Getting a Plumbing License in NSW: A guide to the process and what to expect

The building and construction industry is going in full swing in Australia. It will create many job opportunities for workers like you.

If you are planning to be a plumber in NSW, you can say it’s one of the best decisions in your life and establish that you need a plumbing licence in NSW. Plumber maintains and improves the functions of commercial and residential buildings. It includes both inside and outside work in a very challenging way. The building and construction industry is going in full swing in Australia. It will create many job opportunities for workers like you. Several institutions offer many plumbing courses in NSW, which eventually will help you get a plumbing licence in NSW. It will expand your horizon in your career field.

Apply for plumbing licence NSW

One of the most hyped questions among the new workers is – “How to become a plumber NSW” or “How to become a licenced plumber.” The process is not relatively easy. Many people get confused as they don’t know “How to become a plumber NSW” or “How to become a licensed plumber.” Some requirements need to be fulfilled to get a plumbing licence NSW. Besides, having a trade certificate in NSW allows you to work under minimum supervision. A trade certificate NSW is a career-specific certificate that provides you with hands-on experience in your specific field. NSW Fair Trading needs an application form. The whole system to apply for plumbing licence NSW is given below –

  1. You can begin your career with an apprenticeship which will take approximately 3-4 years in Australia. An expert will supervise you. It will give you a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience to shine in your career in the future.
  2. A certificate will certify that you know what you are doing in your field. After completing the apprenticeship, you can get Cert 3 in plumbing. There are lots of technical colleges and trade schools that provide this certificate through some courses.
  3. Registration is required after getting these two steps done. After your registration, you can work under an expert’s supervision.
  4. A higher level of knowledge is required to become a licenced plumber. You will be if you get Cert 4 in plumbing. Cert 4 in plumbing will help you reach the highest point of your career.
  5. There are several categories of plumbing. So, it would be best if you decided in which department you want to be an expert. After that, you need to apply for that specific licence. An exam will be required to pass and you need to pay a fee in NSW.

Trade certificate NSW and Tradesperson Certificate

A trade certificate NSW is a career-specific certificate that provides you with a hands-on experience in your specific field. Tradesperson Certificate is issued to plumbers like- Roof Plumbers, Water Plumbers, Gasfitters, Drainers. Having this tradesperson certificate means you can work under minimum supervision. You are going to need –

  1. Application Form – Individual
  2. Additional Details Form (If needed)
  3. Photograph
  4. Identity Proof
  5. Certificates and transcripts that ensure that you are eligible for getting insurance (if applicable)
  6. Payment

How can I get a plumbing licence WA?

You can get a plumbing licence WA if you hold a tradesperson’s licence and a certificate from a registered training organization that proves that you are capable as a plumber.

Diploma of plumbing

A plumbing diploma is one of the best lucrative courses to get a plumbing licence NSW. It expands your horizon with practical experience. It would help you tackle some tricky situations that you might face as a plumber. This type of degree includes plumbing sciences and systems, basic utility repair, installation, maintenance, and pipe care, etc.

Plumbing licence NSW Check

Many people don’t know how to check a plumber license. They get confused very easily. To verify a plumber’s licence, you will need –

  1. Plumber’s full name
  2. Plumbing company’s name
  3. Licence Number

After entering all the information in the search bar, you can check it online.

Requirements for plumbing licence NSW

To apply for a plumbing licence NSW, you will need-

  1. A plumbing licence application form NSW
  2. Proof of previous experience
  3. Certificates of apprenticeships and skills
  4. Evidence of any past or present plumbing licence
  5. Proof of identity and photo

To get a plumbing licence NSW, a plumbing license application form NSW needs to be fulfilled. It generally asks you about your personal information, previous work experience, photo identification, and some questions that certify your capabilities.

Plumbers licencing board NSW

Plumbers licencing board NSW provides plumbing licence NSW and tradesperson license to the suitable and qualified candidates. They monitor their qualification and perform all related functions to administer the plumber licencing scheme.

Roof Plumbing Licence NSW

You will need a roof plumbing licence NSW if your residential building work is valued at more than $5000 in labour and materials, including GST. You can also get a trade certificate NSW of your specific field.

Do plumbers need a licence?

It depends on the state. It’s a good idea to know if your state requires your trade certificate NSW or not. Trade certificate NSW provides you with hands-on experience in your specific field. Some states require a plumbing licence for high projects. For more straightforward tasks, they allow unlicenced plumbers. You should always check licensing status before taking up any project.

How to get a C-36 Plumbing License?

In California, the C-36 licence is required for all the persons who are looking to bid over $500 on projects like-

  1. Plumbing Installation
  2. Repair
  3. Inspection and Maintenance
  4. Design

You have to meet some requirements to get a C-36 license. The requirements are-

  1. You have to be at least 18 years of old
  2. Driver’s License or USA Issued Identification
  3. Social Security or ITIN
  4. Not being on probation or parole right now Besides all these, it would be better if you have –
  5. Four years of previous experience
  6. An expert or supervisor who will certify your experience.

Can an NSW plumber work in QLD?

Yes. Plumbing licence mutual recognition allows you to work outside your state (another Australian state). You can get it by following some steps. They are-

  1. You need to sign and submit a hard copy of your completed Mutual Recognition Application Form.
  2. You need to attach your certified copies of your interstate or New Zealand registration, licence, permit, or authorization.

Why use a licenced plumber over an unlicenced plumber?

There are many reasons to choose a licenced plumber over an unlicenced plumber. The main reasons are-

  1. A licenced plumber who holds a plumbing licence NSW has certified skills and training that proves that he\she can handle any high project work.
  2. Bad service by an unlicensed plumber can cause you property damage, injury, or even can lead to death.
  3. There is a chance that you might face the unethical behavior of an unlicenced plumber as they are not obligated to report to any company.

Plumbing Licence SA

Plumbing licence SA is needed if workers work on water or sanitary plumbing and drainage and installation or testing of backflow prevention devices. To get the licence you must have relevant qualifications and experience, and to get a contractor’s licence, you must have at least

$10,000 in net assets. The duration of the plumbing licence SA is generally one year.

A Licenced Plumber

A licenced plumber with a plumbing licence NSW is a worker who got their trade qualification from a certified school offering apprenticeship plumbing programs.

Plumbing Licence NSW Cost

Fees are also needed to get a plumbing licence NSW, and it also depends on the year you are applying in. At present, the plumbing license NSW cost is –

  1. Qualified Supervisor Certificate – $0 (for one year & three years), $264 (for five years).
  2. Endorsed Contractor Licence – $0 (for one year), $320 (for three years) and $666 (for five years).
  3. Tradesperson Certificate – $0 (for one year), $0 (for three years), and $150 (for five years).

Restricted Plumbing Licence NSW

A restricted plumbing licence NSW certifies that trained and capable workers are doing their job in the workplace efficiently. To apply for a restricted plumbing licence NSW, you need to submit an application apart from before apprentice. The fee is also required to apply for an NSW restricted plumbing licence NSW.

Plumbing Licence NSW TAFE

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is generally way better than University in terms of overall performance. You can get real-life experience along with theoretical knowledge. TAFE provides some plumbing courses that will help you excel in your career. Those courses are-

  1. Certificate II in Plumbing
  2. Certificate II in Drainage
  3. Certificate III in Plumbing
  4. Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
  5. Plumbing Backflow Revalidation
  6. Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing
  7. Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services

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