A Complete Guide to Obtaining a KBLR(Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovation) Licence

What is a KBLR Licence, and when is it required?          

KBLR Licence is a licence issued by the government to contractors and tradespeople involved in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovation work. These professionals need to have the right qualifications and experience to be able to obtain this license.

The KBLR Licence ensures that all contractors are competent and qualified to carry out renovation works and keep working in the renovation industry safely and correctly. It helps protect homeowners and businesses from any potential risks associated with improper renovation works. Furthermore, it helps ensure that all contractors are up-to-date with the latest industry regulations, standards, and best practices.

Why should you have a KBLR License, and what are the things included in it?

Before doing any residential building work in NSW, you must have a KBLR Licence.

Residential building work includes kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovations, and the value of it stands at more than $5000, including GST in labor and materials.

The washroom, kitchen, and laundry are work engaged with the installation, rebuilding, renovation, and on-location fixes of or to a kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.

Any external or internal load-bearing portion as the foundation, floor, roof, walls, beams, and columns of the building, is not included in it.

The Benefits of Obtaining a KBLR Licence

KBLR (Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry Renovation) Licence is an essential credential for anyone who wants to work in the renovation industry. It is a legal requirement in many states and territories of Australia that all contractors working on KBLR projects hold this licence. The KBLR licence ensures that individuals are qualified to renovate kitchens, major bathroom renovation, and laundries following the relevant regulations and standards. This licensed builder must demonstrate a high level of competency in the installation, maintenance, and repair of these areas. Obtaining a KBLR Licence requires applicants to

pass an assessment that tests their knowledge, skills, and experience. This ensures that competent professionals carry out all KBLR works safely and efficiently.

How Does This Program Benefit Your Career?

The Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry Renovation RPL certification program will recognize your expertise in renovation work and will create opportunities for you to do business or expand employment opportunities.

Before you decide to do home renovation training and want to know about home renovation licence requirements, you need to know about lincenced renovators, and you can learn about this from Fair Trading NSW.

After completing the RPL program successfully, you are ready to apply for the licence. The demand for home renovation is increasing day by day.

Career benefits:

  • You will be able to start your own business.
  • By advancing your skills, your employment opportunities will increase so that you will get more work.
  • You will be able to build your network.
  • You will be capable of managing renovation projects.
  • You will be a good leader and be able to coordinate with your team and do quality work.

Career Pathways

  • Business owner,

Director of a renovations business

  • Project management including kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovations, construction contracts
  • Registered low-rise builder
  • Site Supervisor
  • Foreman
  • Sole Trader
  • Education Pathways

Certificate courses:

  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) CPC40120
  • Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50220
  • Other construction or renovation-related management qualifications

Is this an RPL program for me?

You need some entry requirements to do the course, and these are:

You should have a minimum one year of full-time experience (must be within the last ten years) or equivalent in the kitchen- making and installing cabinets, bathroom, and laundry renovation in the construction industry.

  • A White Card (must be valid), which is a General Construction Induction card
  • Related active projects
  • Two references who can ensure your experience history. Referees should have licensed or qualified tradesmen in cabinet making, and they must have at least 12 months of working experience with you.
  • You must have good industry knowledge so he can answer at least 80% of technical questions during the application process.
  • Master builders association offers the countrywide acknowledged devices of competency required to fulfill part of the honest buying and selling Fair Trading NSW criteria to use for a Kitchen renovation contractor, Bathroom renovation contractor, and Laundry Renovation Contractor Licence.

Type of Licence

As per your need to contract for another party or regulate work, various licences are accessible in NSW.

A contractor or project worker licence permits you to contract and promote for doing business. You can do the sorts of work depicted on your permit card. Project worker licenses can be given to individual persons and to partnerships as well as companies.

From 1 July 2020, application for contractor licence for 1,3, or 5 years is open for the applicants.

A certified supervisor can do all sorts of work that are mentioned in the certificate, and also he can supervise those works. Qualified supervisors who have a certificate cannot contract for work, and only a person can apply for this certificate.

Eligibility Requirements

All licence lessons have different level and qualification requirement as a circumstance of

that licence. For a wide range of suggestions for nationally recognized training, you can visit training.gov.au and search by the course names and course codes.

Suppose you are doing any training or are enrolled as an apprentice or trainee, and you want to secure your career in the building industry or construction industry. You must wait to complete that course or training program to apply for a license.

If you already have a licence from New Zealand or interstate, and you are willing to work in NSW, you can find out the working terms of Mutual Recognition.

You can look for Overseas Trained applicants if you are trained overseas.

The great news is those who already had previous licence or supervisor certificates need not acknowledge your qualifications. Depending on the fulfillment of all the conditions, your application will be approved, and after getting the approval, you will get the licence or

qualified supervisor certificate. As you can only work as per your licence type, as mentioned in your licence, you can be a licensed contractor by applying for a contractor licence.

The things you have to have:

  • Permission to work (Citizen, Immicard, Visa)
  • Photo Identity
  • Evidence of your business entity
  • Certificates you have already gained
  • Project management documentation
  • A certification is given by Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Proof of completing all the required courses
  • Certificate of recognition of prior learning (RPL) from an RTO.
  • qualification statement by an approved authority for the licence class
  • Approval for licence class with qualification statement
  • Technical qualification

Home renovation licence requirements

If you are considering applying for a licence to work in the building and construction industry, specifically on the kitchen, bathroom design, and laundry renovations with the New South Wales (NSW) Building & construction commission (Fair Trading), you can do a course. Before this course, you should gather experience with installation, restoration,

refurbishment, on-site bathroom renovation services, and kitchen or laundry.

Although you have a building practitioner licence, or you are a building contractor in Western Australia or South Australia, if you want to work in Kitchen renovation, Bathroom renovation, laundry renovation, floor tiling, floor finishing roof tiling, plumbing wall & air conditioning, your licence should have all details.

The kitchen, bathroom, and Laundry Renovations course can help you know all the aspects of getting a licence from the NSW Construction Commission. It will not only help you to get a licence or work, but it will also help you to run your own renovation business.

Getting knowledge and professional skills and knowledge about essential areas of building and construction are:

  • Building codes
  • Building standards
  • Occupational Health and safety
  • construction contracts
  • project costing and scheduling
  • Construction materials
  • on-site project supervision
  • Legal requirements.
  • Material schedules
  • Supervision of building
  • Administration processes
  • Processes for building project management
  • Structural Landscaping
  • Knowledge of materials for building

This direction calls for you to complete the nine devices on this direction and meet different requirements, such as retaining either a current and recommended contractor licence or certified manager certificate in:

  • Carpentry
  • Joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Wall and floor tiling.

Change a condition on your license

As a licensed practitioner, you can change the conditions on your license. The conditions you will get have reasons to be there. With those conditions, a licensed builder gets

restrictions on work, and it also depends on the licence application form.

To remove the limitation on your category of work, you may need to make an application to change your certificate and your license.

And remember to make a licence application to renew your current licences after the expiration applying with renewal form.

In case, your licence or certificate has been canceled or suspended; you should not delay. You should immediately stop all business interest in the licence or certification and take away any sign or commercial which shows the conduct of a business hobby that pertains to the licence or certificate. Go back the licence or certificate to NSW fair trading through mail or at a provider NSW center.

To get a specialist contractor Licence, you have to make a Licence application, and this application must be lodged at a service center, and you could Ebook an appointment.

We can say to conclude that if you want to work in construction projects, you must have proper qualifications and recognition from government and required institutions. This

license varies depending on the types of building and construction work. As there are some essential conditions and requirements, you must need a guide to do all the processes

perfectly. Educube can assist you with future guidance.


  1. How to start a bathroom renovation business?

Answer: You must have required qualifications, certificates and License.

2. Do you need council approval to renovate a bathroom in NSW?

Answer: You don’t need any approval from the council.

3. Does renovation need building permits?

Answer: If you are thinking about renovation of your full home, you may need permission for some changes.

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